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Salute Version 3.3

Unlocking the Value of Service
Field Service, Customer Support, & Warranty Administration Solution

New or Enhanced Capabilities in SALUTE Version 3.3

  1. Service Area
    1. For dealers, service center, field service technicians
    2. Specify via postal codes, cities, counties, states, country, area codes
    3. Currently supported for US and Canada
  2. Call Center
    1. Single customizable screen
    2. Locate nearest authorized dealer, service center or field service technician
    3. Check on remaining warranty or service contract coverage
    4. Locate a part
    5. Look up an address
  3. High Volume Manufacturing Interface
    1. Specify a "range of units" to save on storage and minimize access time
    2. Create individual units as needed, drawing upon the "range data"
  4. RMA/RGA Processing
    1. Good Part return
    2. Service Part Exchange
    3. Bad Part return for quality analysis, warranty claim verification, etc.
    4. Return for Repair
  5. Credits via Parts Depots
    1. Issue part credits at a part depot in the service center's name
    2. Avoids issuing a check for parts
    3. Helps reduce warranty abuse
  6. Business Intelligence
    1. Information for all levels of the organization
    2. Powerful tools for
      1. Analyzing warranty and service costs
      2. Identifying quality issues
      3. Measuring warranty and service performance along any dimension: dealers, models, failure codes, failed parts, etc.
      4. Generating reports for managers, dealers, depots, validators, field technicians, executives, etc.
      5. Publishing reports throughout the company and outside if desired with security controls to ensure proper access
  7. Customer Surveys
    1. Automatic (multiple criteria)
    2. Results can be fed back to assist in dispatching or locating
  8. Classifications
    1. Identify products a dealer or depot handles
    2. Identify products a service center or technician can repair
    3. Detail technician and service center certifications
    4. Used in conjunction with locating and dispatching
  9. Standards and validation
    1. Handle multiple rates (e.g., in home, bench, etc.)
    2. Handle special rates for 1st 1/4 or 1/2 hour
    3. Validation of parts by model
  10. Unit replacement processing with choice of warranty settings
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