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Salute Features

Unlocking the Value of Service
Field Service, Customer Support, & Warranty Administration Solution

Salute is best for companies with some of the following needs:

Warranty Claims

  • Remote Entry
  • Smooth Processing
  • Proper Validation
  • Standards Enforced
  • Reimbursement Processing
  • Returned Parts Control

Quality Management

  • Responsibility Assignment
  • Failure Reporting
  • Corrective Action Tracking
  • Warranty Recovery from Suppliers

Owner Registration

  • Legal Record
  • Market Research
  • Future Sales possibilities

Serial Number Tracking

  • Product Configuration
  • Inventory Management

Service Channel Management

  • Distributors & Dealers
  • Sales & Service Centers
  • Internal Repair Technicians
  • Branch Offices

Service Parts Distribution

  • Material Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Returned Parts Control
  • No Charge Parts Orders

Repair and/or Service Orders

  • Chargeable Service Calls
  • Service Technician Dispatching
  • Order Invoicing

Contact Management

  • Phone Call Logs
  • Follow-up Reminders

Routine Service

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Mandated Inspections

Service Bulletins

  • Government Regulated
  • Safety Related Issues
  • Production Problems
  • Supplier Problems
  • Engineering Problems

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Market Research ("Why did I buy?")
  • Repair Follow-up ("Was I taken care of properly?")

Technical Publications

  • Compiling & Assembly
  • Access & Availability
  • Distribution

Salute Value and Results

It is not uncommon to see a ROI of 300-400% year after year with SALUTE, our service software solution. Our Sales and Development Team will work with you to increase your chances of achieving similar results. Our development staff will also work with your people to "tailor" SALUTE to achieve a 98% fit at your business. This is one application that will not require extensive modifications in order to make it work for your business.

When you investigate a service package for your business, look for one whose scope is complete and where future requirements will be addressed as they come.  You will be glad three months from now and three years from now, to have installed and implemented SALUTE - even if you only start with one small piece of it.  The future belongs to "the quick".  Your business requirements will change and SALUTE will be there for you as time rolls on.

We, as a company, are committed to your ongoing success and to a smooth implementation of A.C.E.'s software solution - SALUTE - The Solution that Delivers: Value & Results.

By the way... we designed it, we implement it, and we support it!

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