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Report Archiving Utility (RACO)

RACO (Report Archiving and Controlling Out queues) is a set of software utilities for managing IBM AS/400 out queues and generated reports. RACO lets you easily set access restrictions to out queues by users. You manage access quickly and easily by deciding who has access to which out queues as well as their specific capabilities.

RACO also gives you the capability to archive spooled reports. This means there is no need to re-run a program to regenerate the report. The archiving can be handled via commands directly on files in your output queue. Or, you can incorporate archiving into your CL programs that produce regular reports. The archiving can be done to disk or tape and features automatic compression that typically reduces space by a factor of 4-5.

Report Archiving

The command Work with Spool History (WRKSPLTXT) shows the contents of the archive. It also provides options for accessing items in the archive.

There is a set of commands for archiving as well:

Command Description
ARCSPLTXT Move spool file to archive
DLTSPLTXT Delete spool file from archive
SAVSPLTXT Save the selected archived spool files to tape
RTVSPLTXT Retrieve the selected archived spool files from tape
PRTSPLTXT Print spool file from archive
GETSPLTXT Copy spool file to work file (use with CPYSPLTXT)
CPYSPLTXT Copy work file to archive (use with GETSPLTXT)

These commands can be included in your CL programs so archiving can be automatic.

Controlling Out Queues

There are two commands that handle out queue access: Manage Spool File (MNGSPL) and Work Spool File (WRKSPL). Use MNGSPL to define and limit users' access to spool files by out queue. Then WRKSPL uses that information to enforce those limitations. Use WRKSPL in place of the standard work spool file command. It also includes a new capability archive that allows a user to save a spool file for future use.

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