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IBM iSeries 400 Advantages

What is the iSeries 400?

The eServer iSeries (formerly known as AS/400) is a high performance, integrated server which is designed by IBM to handle mid-market business computing needs. An iSeries 400 server will work as an application server, a relational database server, a web server, a mail server, and a file server. This means that one iSeries server can handle the work of multiple servers. People decide to have an iSeries server on their network because it can easily integrate with other computers on a multi-platform network to provide additional capabilities.

Why the iSeries 400?

Our SALUTE software is designed to run on the iSeries 400 platform. The developers at ACE chose the iSeries 400 platform because it offers many advantages in a business environment. iSeries is one of the most reliable application servers available. "iSeries customers have experienced on average less than 9 hours of unplanned down time per year", according to data collected by IBM. This means that iSeries eServers can provide the 99.9% availability that is needed for applications that are vital to your business.

Due to its built in security architecture, the iSeries is secure even when exposed to the internet. To date, no viruses have been reported on the iSeries 400 platform. The exclusive use of objects allows data to be accessed and modified in only predefined ways.

iSeries provides not only a high-quality solution, but also a lower cost solution. A 1998 report by the International Data Corporation shows that the cost of staff required to maintain an iSeries server is 40% less than that of a Unix server and 50% less than that of a NT server.

Is iSeries 400 a Good Fit for Your Company?

If you currently have an AS/400 eServer or if you want to acquire an iSeries eServer and integrate it with your network then Applied Computer Excellence can provide a complete solution including hardware, software, and services. The eServer iSeries has a model to fit any size company. And when your company grows, the iSeries can grow with you.

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