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Salute - CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software

The Salute modules are teamed up with the Go Figure product configurator and iScripter interactive scripting to provide powerful customer relationship management capabilities for the AS/400 platform. The Address Module acts as a common repository for all contact information which is integrated with information and functions throughout Salute.

Salute - CRM Manages:

  • Contact Information
  • Owner Registration
  • Survey Results
  • Service Areas/Coverage
  • Units Owned
  • Service Agreements
  • Service Classification
  • Routine Tasks
  • Service Calls and Requests

Salute - CRM Can Do:

  • Call Center Functions
  • Order Entry, Processing, and Status
  • Account Status Inquiries
  • Quote Estimation using Go Figure!
  • Event Logging
  • Credit Validation and Checking
  • Special Pricing
  • Postal Code Acquisition
  • Parts Return Control

Salute - CRM Also Has the Ability to:

  • Link content like graphics, web pages, and MS Office files to a contact
  • Add free form text anywhere
  • Dynamic product configuration of estimates and orders
  • Recognize postal codes and time zones

i Scripter(TM)

Call Center Scripting

iScripter is an interactive scripting program which leads call center agents through the process of handling a call. It guides the agent in recording customer information, determining the issue, and then taking action to resolve the issue. iScripter works by providing the agent with options for each type of call that will be received. Based on the options selected the agent is presented with additional options for more information and for possible actions. iScripter increases productivity and increases the quality of the interaction with customers.

Instead of information overload . . . the relevant information is provided at the relevant time.

Instead of confusion . . . the next possible course of action is clearly defined.

For an added productivity boost, use Touch Screen display technology to quickly select options on the screen without the keyboard.

  • Link to email, web, and office suite applications.
  • Edit and modify scripts without programming.
  • Touch screen compatible.
  • Process orders, register owners, submit RMAs, dispatch technicians, etc.
  • Completely integrated with contact and event management capabilities.

Go Figure!(TM)

Product Configurator
  • What is it?
    • Go Figure! is a software program that creates a product definition using a set of rules you establish.
    • A product definition can contain nearly anything you can think of:
      • Parts
      • Labor
      • Customized instructions
      • Computed items like shipping weight
      • Special charges
      • Etc.
    • The product definition rules are in the software so they don't have to be "in your employees" (a great productivity boost, especially for new hires).
    • Your users just answer yes/no questions and make choices.
    • Because the product is defined "on the fly", it is automatically being customized to meet your customers' needs.
    • The output of Go Figure! is a file (called a "selection") containing whatever the rules dictated based on the selections made. It might be a Bill of Materials.
  • Typical Applications
    • Generating a quote
    • Entering an order
    • Generating a work order
    • Anywhere there is complexity and many choices or options
  • How can it help you?
    • Get orders into and through your system more quickly.
    • Because the orders are right, there is less re-work, scrap, rejects, returns, etc.
    • Improve productivity due to reduced complexity
    • Reduce training time and expense
  • How does it work?
    • A hierarchy of questions and questionnaires form the basis.
    • Formulas can be used to calculate results (e.g., shipping weight)
    • Rules can be used to offer smart selections (e.g., that only comes in red)
    • All this information is soft-coded and stored in master files to improve flexibility.
  • What does it take to implement
    • Typically we would implement the rules
    • The implementation depends on the size and complexity of your situation
    • We have done implementations that only take 2 to 4 person-weeks
    • Go Figure! can be interfaced to any ERP solution
  • Enhancement opportunities
    • It would be possible to add a rule to restrict a product definition to inventory on hand.
    • It would be possible to add a rule to include profit analysis
    • It would be possible to add a rule to compute estimated delivery time
    • It would be possible to ...
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