About Us

Company History

Applied Computer Excellence (A.C.E.) was founded in 1986 in West Bend, Wisconsin. From its inception, the company has provided consulting, ERP package installation, and custom programming for the IBM midrange series of computers. Short thereafter, A.C.E. became an IBM business partner and began to configure, sell and install AS/400 computers. A.C.E. recognized the reliability of the AS/400 as an important factor in the marketing of reliable and technically advanced software. Seeking to capitalize on its midrange expertise, the company turned its attention toward developing software solutions. In 1991, it developed its first software product: SALUTE, a warranty and service application. Since then the company has introduced two additional software solution products, GOOD-TO-GO, a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) solution and GO FIGURE! , a rules based product for simplifying applications like order entry.

Software Products

A.C.E. products fall into two categories: application solutions and tools. We have three application solutions, SALUTE, GOOD-TO-GO and GO FIGURE!. SALUTE is our warranty, field service and repair solution. It fits extremely well with manufacturing and distribution operations where warranted, serialized and repairable products are involved. This product has served as a solution in various industries including appliances, machines, boats and electronics to name a few. SALUTE is designed to help you manage all aspects of warranty and field service. GOOD-TO-GO is a plant/equipment maintenance solution that includes scheduling, routine tasks, inventory management, and work order processing. Both SALUTE and GOOD-TO-GO were designed to be integrated into your ERP solution so results are consistent and data need only be entered once. GO FIGURE! is our rules based product configurator program that can be attached to virtually any application where complex inter-related choices are involved.

As a software developer, we saw a need for innovative tools to help us with the development process. The first such tool was SMAC, our Source Management and Access Control utility that we use to manage our source tree. SMAC was designed to be simple yet powerful. Another utility we developed is RACO which provides Report Archiving and Control for Outqueues.

Provided Services

A.C.E. continues to provide management consulting for warranty and service applications as well as custom programming services. We have successfully developed and implemented software for warehouse management and for data collection, consulted in the selection and installation of RF equipment, scanners and bar code printers, and engineered customizations of ERP software and conversion of ERP data.

From the Founder

A.C.E. was founded by Michael Fritz in 1986. Mike has been involved in the information technology field for over 20 years.

Ser·vice v. To provide a useful, helpful and beneficial contribution to the welfare of another.

"Our contribution and commitment to you is to provide software, products and services that allow you to better 'service' your needs and those of your customers."

Michael G. Fritz
President and Chief Executive Officer